Perrotin is pleased to bring you the second installment of #Unlocked — our ongoing series of artist interviews, studio and home visits, podcasts, playlists and virtual exhibition walkthroughs that aim to bring us closer during a time of change.

Thank you to Claire Tabouret, GaHee Park, and Jean-Philippe Delhomme for inviting us into your home. If you missed, please find the full story archived on @galerieperrotin.

Last week, we launched a new platform: Perrotin Screenings. Previously private, these films are now #Unlocked. Each Friday, we will unveil a new set of films, including video art and documentary. Right now, enjoy films by Iván Argote, Daniel Arsham, Sophie Calle, John Henderson, Jesper Just, and Paola Pivi, and don’t forget to check in this weekend for more.

More than ever, let's remember to stay in touch and continue to be inspired. Although we might be physically apart, we are still creatively connected.


 perrotin screenings 

Perrotin is pleased to bring you 'Screenings' as part of its series #Unlocked.
With a desire to entertain and continue to be inspired, each Friday we will release a selection of films which will remain available on our website throughout this time of unprecedented change and isolation.
Through Perrotin Screenings, we have invited our artists to share rare video works, performances and documentaries on their work. Enjoy!

Daniel Arsham — Future Relic 03

For the launch of Daniel Arsham’s “Future Relic” editions, the artist created a series of short films in collaboration with director Ben Louis Nicholas.
The third installment in the series, "Future Relic 03," Juliette Lewis plays Lona Rey, who crosses deserted futuristic landscapes and explores an abandoned institution during her epic search to find her famous scientist father. The film was shot in the monumental Bell Labs in New Jersey, designed by Eero Saarinen in the late fifties and left empty for the past 15 years. The fifteen minute film highlights the artifact “Future Relic 03, 2015” an eroded alarm clock.

Paola Pivi — Grrr Jamming Squeak

In 2010, Italian artist Paola Pivi won a competition organized by the City of Rotterdam as part of Sculpture International Rotterdam (SIR) — she was invited to revitalize an overlooked part of the city.
Pivi decided to build a fully equipped recording studio in the city center, and invite people passing by to record something of their choice, which would then be edited by professional sound engineers. The only condition that the artist placed was that each register had to be accompanied by the sound of animals. In this documentary, Antonella Licata follows the making of Paola Pivi’s work and the staging that took place each day in the studio, culminating in the film GRRR JAMMING SQUEAK.





In this video, Bharti Kher presents her last exhibition at Perrotin New York: The Unexpected Freedom of Chaos.

The artist explains how her works are exploring the psychological, and how it is reveiling the idea of the body, the mind and the soul. Kher invites us to look at her broken mirrors series, and her Intermediaries series to explore the connexion between the narrative and abstract language present in her work.

jesper just

Jesper Just presents his personal exhibition Corporealités: a continuation of a live performance project created with the Royal Danish Ballet in Copenhagen.
In this video, the artist explains his thoughts about body, mouvements, music and feelings. Through this interview, Just invites us to discover his immersive large-scale video installation he created at Perrotin New York.



Through our takeovers, we have invited our artists to speak directly to YOU — to share inspirations, music, book recommendations, and of course, past and new works.





 the sounds of perrotin 

Listen to the sounds of Perrotin!
With our Pocket Playlists, artists are invited to share their musical tastes with you. Recently, Xavier Veilhan and Lionel Estève picked some of their lockdown tracks. More to come!
In our podcasts, contemporary artists discuss their latest exhibitions and projects. Here, Daniel Arsham talks with Ludovic Laugier, curator of Greek sculpture at the Louvre Museum, on the occasion of "Paris, 3020" at Perrotin Paris.

Listen to Xavier Veilhan's playlist

Listen to Lionel Estève's playlist

Listen to the talk between Daniel Arsham and Ludovic Laugier,
curator at Louvre Museum


 selected press 

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